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EIED and its affiliates have built technical expertise and extensive network of contacts, which enable the company to assist full spectrum of businesses to enter and grow in the new EU Countries and Middle Eastern markets. Our consulting division works directly with clients to develop a sustainable business module rather than just report gathering.
First step is a relation-driven information gathering and educational process. Second, formulating a strategy based on this knowledge. Third, and often most complicated, is implementation. Our aim is to develop and transfer the management of key relationships to our Member as soon as practicable, so the business or project can be sustained and expanded internally without our continued involvement.
Areas of Specialization:
* Identifying and analyzing potential markets or business opportunities
* Developing creative strategies for market entry v Structuring for organizational effectiveness
* Bringing together financing, management, and technology to create new ventures - or expand existing ones.
* Recruiting joint venture partners, distributors, and representatives
* Developing strategic alliances
* Building relationships for clients and their Middle East associates
* Negotiating joint ventures agreements and other transactions
* Structuring international communications and management systems for cross-cultural effectivenes

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