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About IMC

The Government of Egypt, with the support of the European Union, has initiated the Industrial Modernisation Programme (IMP), whose Industrial Modernisation Centre (IMC) will serve as the focus to ensure that Egypt becomes a strong player in the global market place. Drawing inspiration from similar programmes elsewhere, the IMP will help Private Sector Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), as they have demonstrated remarkable effectiveness as engines for job creation and economic growth across the world.

The IMC is helping eligible, privately owned SMEs to modernise and upgrade their manufacturing and management skills and help them gain access to new markets.

IMC will promote the importance of better quality in production to manufacturing companies and help create effective Quality Assurance schemes. It will also help to develop various institutions, such as business associations and Technology Centres, to be able to better lend support to SMEs.

Additionally, strong linkages will be established with comparable institutions in Europe, Egypts main trading partner.

The aims of IMP are:

  • to create three Technological Centres
  • to establish six Business Resource Centres (BRCs), which will form the basis for an eventual national network of up to 20 centres
  • to create an industrial modernisation training centre
  • to establish an information centre to provide both national and international connections and services
  • to deliver a Business Upgrading Service (BUS)
  • to initiate a Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) programme to attract foreign funding into Egyptian business
  • to help support export-ready SMEs to break into new global markets

The Industrial Modernisation Programme is here and ready to help modernise industry to meet the global challenge in the market place